28th "Tamara Brooks" Course (2017)

Conducting, Singing, Choir and Orchestra

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This course is developed in 3 dificulty levels and one additional as master-class to be performed in near to 2 years each.

In addition to a simple body preparation workshop and an optional Seminar about children and youth choirs, the activities include theoretical and practical sessions about singing and conducting basics in addition of rehearsal techniques completed with analyzing and performing of a repertory for choir (a-cappella and piano accompanied) that, at final course part, will be developed in a Special workshop with a students Orquestra conducted by teachers and the more advanced students.

The time table of all activities will be compatible with the Singing course being able to attend both courses for an optimal realization.

Dates & times

2* al 7** Agosto
10:00 a 14:00
17:00 a 21:00

(*) 2nd: opening recital (teachers) / 7th: students concert.

(**) The course continues with a day for group sessions and singing students concert (8), children choir seminar (9), rehearsals (10 & 11) and concerts (12, 13 & 14) as special choir/workshop with orchestra.

Levels and prices

  1. Easy (no experience).- Limited practices
  2. Medium-Easy A & B (some experience)
  3. Advanced (great experience)
  4. Special.- Choir/orchestra practices

Easy & listeners: 95,00 € Active (II & III): 150,00 €
Special: +130,00 € *

- 10% Choir/Special workshop participants
- 50% Orchestra, Tui Conservatory members and conductors of collaboration groups

(*) The students interested to Special level have to applicate as Advanced (III) group asking this option in the form; the teachers will evaluate the definitive admittance by first sessions.


  • Body expression workshop
  • Analysis and study of repertory
  • Gesture communication
  • Listening and ear training
  • Tuning and choral sound
  • Lab Choir
  • Open singing
  • Students concert
  • Children/Youth choirs seminar
  • Guest choirs
  • Special workshop and close concerts

The choir ou orchestra practical sessions will be recorded as video for a latery personal analysis.



There will be available class rooms with piano for study. All studdents can complete the activities with Singing sessions, chamber groups and the Seminar about youth voices and the Special Choir/Workshop as well.


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