28th "Tamara Brooks" Course (2017)

Conducting, Singing, Choir and Orchestra


The participants of the course can stay at residence (Minor Seminar "San Paio") in full board applying when formalize their enrollment. Other external students will may book single meals in the course as well.

Pricing and Services

30,00 €/day - full board (double room)

+ 15,00 €/day single room supl.

The full board service includes room (single or double as reservation) and all meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) starting with arrival day dinner and ending with departure day lunch. Reservations or changes must be requested at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Private bath
  • Study rooms
  • Secretary
  • Music store
  • Entertainment room
  • Internet room
  • Municipal swimming pool
  • Old Town
  • Riverwalk


  • concellotui 160
    Concello Tui
  • amigos catedral tui 160
    Amigos Cat.
  • catedraltui 160
    Catedral Tui
  • consertui 160
    Cons. Mús. Tui
  • concelloponteareas 160
    Conc. Ponteareas
  • trisquel medulio 160
  • csmvigo 160
    CSM Vigo
  • agic 160
  • radiogalega 160
    R. Galega
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