28th "Tamara Brooks" Course (2017)

Conducting, Singing, Choir and Orchestra


Conducted by Fernando Malvar-Ruiz and centered in the specific thematical about conducting and vocal training of children and youth choirs, the whole day August 9th there will be a seminar open to all interested with the collaboration of MiniGaos Choir from A Coruña, as complement of the previous Conducting course. This seminar will finish in a simple concert of the guest choir with his habitual conductors and the teacher Malvar-Ruiz, as sample of the realised work.


45,00 € *

(*) Limited seats considering the enrolement in other activities of the course.

Free and optional for all Conducting course students.

Fernando Malvar-Ruiz


Will be programed sessions with and without choir where the teacher will analize and practice different processes and methods bassed on proposed repertory and his own experience with The American Boychoir.

Date & times

9* Agosto
10:00 a 14:00
15:00 a 21:00

(*) In some different sessions.

Close concert included (evening-night).


  • (en preparación)

(*) con piano


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