28th "Tamara Brooks" Course (2017)

Conducting, Singing, Choir and Orchestra

Singing and Vocal Technique

The course is designed in 2 modalities (singing and vocal technique) as the foundaments and previous experience of each student.

The activities include a simple body expression workshop and all individual or small group lessons (as modality) about foundaments and piano accompanied interpretation (advanced students). All activities will be compatible with the Conducting course and Lab Choir (combining all activities) performing a repertory for choir (a-cappella and piano accompanied) that, at final part, will be developed in a Special workshop with soloists and Orquestra conducted by teachers and the conducting more advanced students.

In addition, there will be a optional Seminar about children and youth choirs.

Dates & times

2* al 8** Agosto
10:00 a 14:00
15:00 a 21:00
According to requested modality and hours

(*) 2nd: opening recital (teachers) / 8th: students concert.

(**) The course continues with a seminar (9), rehearsal (10 & 11) and concerts (12, 13 & 14) as special workshop with soloists and orchestra.

Modalities & Prices

  1. V.Tech. Group easy (no experiencie)
  2. V.Tech. Individual medium-easy
  3. Singing Individual with piano (experienced)

a) 65,00 € (inc. 3 sessions)
b) 55,00 € (1 h.) | 85,00 € (2 h.) | 110,00 € (3 hours)
c) 85,00 € (1 h.) / 145,00 € (2 h.) / 200,00 € (3 hours)

- 10% Choir/Special workshop participants

As option for individual lessons, it will be possible to ask one session of other modality. So, in V.Technique a singing class (w/pianist) or in Singing a previous about vocal technique.


Every student has a schedule and session distribution according to the requested modality, attending as listener to classes of other students. The teachers will devote an individual following and monitoring tasks, organizing and distributing daily all objectives according to each level and experience.

Students audition and close concert as sample of the realized work.


There will be available class rooms with piano for study. All studdents can complete the activities with Conducting sessions and the Special Choir/Workshop as well.


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    Concello Tui
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    Catedral Tui
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    Conc. Ponteareas
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    CSM Vigo
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