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Julio Domínguez


He has a first contact with music at 5 years old as singer of his school children's choir (Ángel Viro-Caamaño, conductor). Later, he studies in the music conservatories of Santiago de Compostela and Vigo. After a self-educated stage, he begins conducting by the hand of teachers like Manel Cabero and Javier Busto, covering different countries and working with the most prestigious international conductors, especially the Swedish Eric Ericson and the North American Tamara Brooks.

In 1990 he founds in Galicia the CAMERATA AD LIBITUM choir offering more than 400 concerts in the principal music cycles and festivals, performing principally a-cappella programs of all periods and styles, especially by contemporary composers including numerous commissions and first performances. After having received several important awards in the most well-known national contests, in the year 2002 he obtains the Choral Music NATIONAL AWARD (the more prestigious Spanish national award). As guest conductor, he has developed programs especially designed for young choirs with ensembles like the COACE Youth Choir (Spanish Choral Federation), Flemish Federation of Choirs (Belgium), Los Andes University (Venezuela), Burgos University (Spain) and Andalusia Youth Choir (JCA), in addition to lecturing habitually courses and workshops with groups and professional ensembles at national (Spanish National Choir and Radio Television) and internationally (Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Venezuela and USA), in addition to integrating juries or being a member of the International Federation for the Choral Music (IFCM) as consultor.

In collaboration with the Universal Harmony publisher and Capela Madrigalista of Ourense chamber choir, he has realized recently the recovery and performance of the “St. Martin Mass” by José Quiroga (1780-1816) at Ourense Cathedral with the Camerata Bocherini chamber orchestra (members of the Galicia Symphonical Orchestra, OSG), a special program based on Galician poets with the Ourense Municipal Concert Wind Band and more recently both programs about contemporary and popular music with the Vigo-430 Youth Orchestra and Rubato Quintet.

As composer, it has received awards and international mentions (Spain, France, Germany, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Japan, USA and Canada) and his music is published and performed all over the world, receiving commissions and residences from most prestigious amateurs and professional choirs.